Start-up find: ivee

I love discovering new start-ups. Recently I’ve come to realize that technology has been storming into our lives McLaren style. The amount of gadgets and apps on the market to make ourselves more efficient is insane. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining. On the contrary, I’m very excited and looking forward to new developments and crazes entrepreneurial minds are going to bring us. So here is my latest find:


ivee has released their first product a while a back — voice controlled alarm clock Sleek. They claim it to be another step towards a smart home. Reviews are really mixed, but based from what I read, it’s really not worth it, unless you like your morning to be powered by frustration, because the alarm is not responding well to the ‘switch off’’ command. On the bright side, your vocal cords are going to have a morning warm up. Also, it seems that settings are slightly odd with the alarm not identifying timezones correctly for cities on another continent. I would be just interested how did they tackle accents?

However ivee profile on has something that caught my eye before I got to know about Sleek. Basically ivee are claiming to be developing next generation of product …wait for it….


Yes, the Ironman jarvis. This is ambitious, but not impossible. Our phones are already talking to us, so it’s just a matter of time before our homes are going to. The new device apparently will ‘’not only include our existing integrations with other smart home device platforms (like Nest, Logitech Harmony, Philip’s Hue, Belkin WeMo, Fitbit, and Lowe’s Iris), but we are also adding new services to the ivee platform. The new ivee system will let you order a car from Uber, book a reservation on OpenTable, and even check the traffic to work in the morning using Waze.’’

However I’d be careful with jumping on another Kickstarter campaign as a backer/early adopter here (if they are going to go with one of course). It’s ok when your alarm is failing to switch off. Imagine the system not recognizing your blurb when you come home after a late night? I personally don’t want to set my house up on fire. Although I’m really excited to see this product coming to the market and initial bugs fixed. It’s the inevitable future.

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