I am a Sorority Reject. This is not something I share openly, or often. I don’t care to announce that I was rejected on account of my personality, or my appearance, or both. It’s embarrassing, right? It’s not like being denied from a university, where you either have the grades and extracurriculars or you don’t. This is different. It has nothing to do with intellect. It is much larger than intellect. It’s an evaluation of WYA; a reflection, a validation, of the big Who You Are.

Well, isn’t it?

If you’re woken up on a Saturday by an unknown…

There is plenty of pain, but you are literally titanium

Photo: JLGutierrez/Getty Images
  1. You must remind yourself, and remind yourself often, that the universe does not hate you. It does not hate you, and it is certainly not out to get you. If we’re being honest, the universe does not care one lick about you—it is big and has important matters to concern itself with—so it’s pretty self-indulgent to think it would waste precious time seeking your individual destruction. Bad things happen. They just do. But, for whatever reason, we have it in our heads that when a bad thing happens, it’s unnatural. Maybe uncomfortable or unpleasant—because bad things are terribly natural. …

Kyra Lisse

Junior at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. Writer, pun master, and tiny house enthusiast.

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