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Nowadays we live in a world of perfect photographs, perfectly orchestrated Instagram feeds, and aesthetically pleasing imagery. Sadly, to achieve the high standard of content expected by others, people stopped feeling the joy of taking photographs for the rush to capture the perfect photograph. In this quest, everybody ends up with thousands of photographs, usually taken on the phone and no memory whatsoever of what happened around them. In fact, I’ve felt that during the past year I missed so much trying to fit this crazy standard that I decided to stop doing what everybody else is doing.

I remember Bay to Breakers 2016; I was so worried to capture good photos, the best costumes, the funniest groups. I took almost 800 photographs, after editing I kept 250 images, and today I can’t even remember the photographs I liked. Specifically, that is the reason why this year I decided to do something different. Essentially, I dressed up as Andy Warhol, left my digital camera at home, took my Instax with three film cassettes, and bought two expired disposable cameras. …


karin Lizana

Photographer. English is my second language.