On Power and Aporia in the Academy: A Response in Three Parts
Amy Elizabeth Robinson

I have been an academic my teaching life at only state universities. What has struck me in reading about this case is the sheer unreality of the world of the people involved. They all go to Paris like I go to Kroger. The analysis of the power aspect by you and Corey Robin is helpful.

The lives of the scholars in this case and the people who defended it are lives that seems de los muertos. Reitman’s described sadness at having to stay in the Paris apartment because Ronell would not let him leave the rooms — I would say to all these people is to look to your students and help them. It should not be about you so much.

Definitions of white privilege should reference this case and the response of the letter writers.

And then the antidote — “On Power and Aporia in the Academy: A Response in Three Parts” which explains with clarity and sense.

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