I’ve built a tool for friends and family, and you may need it too.

I cannot count the number of times someone asked me if it is the right moment to buy Bitcoin. “Should I buy now?” I leave a discussion about all ifs and whys for another occasion. The demand is real, and as somebody who benefited a lot from being around in the “Bitcoin bubble,” I never feel honest replying with the safe but lazy “Don’t.”

For the majority of people, the correct answer is always the same: dollar-cost averaging. Buy a small amount for a fixed dollar value on a regular schedule, so you buy a bit more when the price…

While the Bitcoin hash rate reached another ATH, a bunch of new articles and memes complaining about the energy waste struck again. Let’s debunk it for good. It’s about time.

  1. The energy used to mine Bitcoin is often an energy that cannot be used otherwise. Only that type of energy is cheap enough. In Poland, miners use the energy produced by wind farms that because of an anti-renewable energy law (Poland tries to lobby and protect its inefficient coal mining industry,) cannot be sold to the network. Bitcoin makes those businesses profitable again. That is not a rare example but…

I recognize the demand for new funding and investment mechanisms, and I’m quite excited about cryptocurrencies in general. That said, the initial coin offering (ICO), in the current form, is a terrible investment model that cannot work and will make more people bankrupts than millionaires.

What is the ICO in the first place? After studying a bunch of the most famous examples — it’s easy to conclude that a successful ICO is an idea with enormous funding gathered in the process of selling a token with usually under-defined utility. …

Jan Klosowski

I design and build human interfaces. I speculate on markets and ideas. I am the owner at https://deltabadger.com/.

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