Leverage Android User Profiles to Sandbox WhatsApp

It is 2019 and Facebook is integrating its services into a single unified backend. Illicit data sharing and election scandals aside, this would significantly affect the privacy of WhatsApp users, perhaps even more for those under the assumption that their personal chat data would remain separate from their public social media profiles. For Android users, there are however methods to mitigate further damages to their privacy by limiting Facebook’s ability to build virtual profiles.

Android Lollipop (5.0+) and above has a feature known as “User Profiles”, designed to support multi-user sharing of devices…

Hey KloudTraders! How is 2019 treating you? We hope it’s all good.

We know the markets haven’t been very predictable lately, but we are not the ones who just take what the markets offer. Remember, we seek α, and won't just settle for β. This is why we are constantly adding new features to both LibKloudTrader and Narwhal so that it becomes easier to build and automate your trading systems.

To begin with, LibKloudTrader’s data module now provides Tick data, 5-minute bar data, 15-minute bar data till last second for today/last trading day or tick data for a particular time

December 14, 2018

KloudTrader Narwhal


We built LibKloudTrader so that anyone, regardless of whether they are a professional algorithmic trader or simply a beginner dabbling in finance, can rapidly prototype their strategies in Python (support for more languages coming soon) and deploy them on Narwhal, our managed computational finance platform. No matter how complex your model/algorithm/strategy is, it can easily be made market-ready once our APIs are used. LibKloudTrader, our trading framework optimized is for Narwhal, is one our open source initiatives. As always, we welcome your contributions and feedback to help us better serve the quantitative and algorithmic trading community.


KloudTrader Launches its innovative hosted Algorithmic trading infrastructure with unlimited commission free trading on Tradier

Charlotte, NC — Oct 10, 2018: Built with the motto of “Algo Traders for Algo Traders”, KloudTrader is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative cloud hosted platform called “Narwhal”. Narwhal is a next generation infrastructure for algo trading with features like real-time data from various exchanges, customized trigger alerts system, papertrading and most importantly commission free equity trading, all under one roof.

Sentiment Analysis powered by our Natural Language Processing System

After 3 years of R&D and countless cycles of iteration, KloudTrader is proud to be unveiling our first PRIVATE BETA PROGRAM. Join us as we change the way trading works for everyone. Whether you are just starting to trade penny stocks, or a veteran of Wall Street, turn your ideas into code through KloudTrader’s simple to use and intuitive platform.

Strategy Builder Platform

With KloudTrader, you can liberate your trading knowledge and take control of your trading strategies. Easily automate your methods and take advantage of the tireless efficiency of cloud computing. Our platform builds upon decades of visual programming…

When KloudTrader was conceived 3 years ago, it was with the idea that retail traders want to have greater control over trading strategy automation. Instead of simple triggers and rule engines, we envisioned a future where everyone could develop sophisticated trading strategies on par with those by professional quants on Wall Street with little effort. Fast forward 3 years, coding is now considered an essential skill in finance, yet it is neither easy nor simple. Effective software developers and programmers generally require years of experience and practice. There is no alternative or solution for your average professional trader who had…


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