10 Ways to Engineer a Difference at TDE

Kimberly Lowe-Williams
1 min readDec 20, 2019


Oftentimes people approach me clearly supportive of the mission of The Difference Engine, NFP with questions on how they can #engineeradifference. The first acknowledgment is that just as diverse as the environment we are trying to create in tech the abilities of individuals, companies, and organizations to give are just as wide but there is a shared intention. I am constantly awestruck with the compassion and desire people have to help or pay-it-forward.

Over the years I compiled a few options and ways we have been working to #engineeradifference. Here are the top 10:

  1. Hire TDE Apprentices for development roles
  2. Volunteer for a recurring role at TDE
  3. Become a corporate sponsor— (starting at $2k)
  4. Follow and engage with us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  5. Attend TDE events and bring a friend
  6. Join the Board of Directors or the Advisory Board
  7. Sponsor an event
  8. Donate space in the Chicago Loop area
  9. Sponsor TDE branded merch
  10. Wear / Display TDE branded merch

That’s it! I wanted to keep this one short and sweet. Contact us to get started or visit www.thedifferenceengine.io to donate, sign up to volunteer or apply for the program — #engineeringadifference (catchy, right?) today.



Kimberly Lowe-Williams

12+ yrs in tech leadership, championing growth & transformation. Ex-Nonprofit founder aiding 200+ tech transitions. Your mentorship compass. 🧭