Divorce and Abortion are Good

As a pregnant, happily married person people often seem to assume that I am against abortion and that I am against divorce. If anything, I have become even more for those things.

Pregnancy sucks. I’ve wanted kids for years and am very excited that we’re close to having one. I had to pay money to get pregnant. Still pregnancy sucks. Almost everything is a potential symptom of pregnancy. Diabetes is a potential symptom of pregnancy. Nausea, aches, headaches, heartburn, runny nose, incontinence. People can die from pregnancy. It would be so much worse if I didn’t even want the kid. I don’t think anyone should be forced to remain pregnant.

My wife’s parents were happily married and my parents are happily divorced. I do realize I have a weird view of divorce because my parents really never seemed to fight. Ever. They still got along as far I could tell, both before the divorce and after.

When I told people the guest list for our small wedding many of my friends were surprised to learn that both of my parents would be attending. “Won’t it be awkward having them both there since they’re divorced?” I had no reason to worry.

They’ve been divorced since I was 9. I’m 29 now and we still go on trips all together. On birthdays we all go out for dinner together. It took me many years to realize this was not normal.

My mom had talked to me about the reasons they got divorced. I asked my dad what he felt the reasons were and he refused to tell me. He said I should just go with whatever my mom had said because he didn’t want my brother and me and to have to choice which story to believe.

The divorce was hard when I was younger. It was hard not having my parents live together in the house I grew up in. It was hard when eventually I had a stepdad. But my parents were perhaps not as in desperate need of a divorce as other people’s parents were.

My experiences may not be typical, but that doesn’t stop me from having strong opinions. If people are not happy they should be allowed to change their circumstances.

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