I Have Some Strong Opinions About “High School Musical”

Now that I’m a mom of a young baby I’ve been watching lots of movies to keep myself awake during late night breastfeeding sessions. Last night one of those movies was “High School Musical.” I was not expecting it to make me angry.

The plot of the movie revolves around Troy (Zac Efron) wanting to audition for the high school musical. He’s a great singer, but unfortunately he is also the star of the basketball team. That is the central conflict of the movie! The attractive main character is good at too many things. He is totally unrelatable!

Plus there is not even really a conflict because the basketball season is ending! It’s already time for the championships as he’s auditioning for the musical. His teammates are upset because “his head won’t be in the game.” The whole thing just felt very contrived.

(I think I will never feel old now though because I realized that Zac Efron is one year older than me. He’s already 30!)

There’s also Gabriella who is all smart and stuff but really Zac Efron is the star.

Sharpay and Ryan are the two Draco Malfoy-esque drama kids who try to mess things up for Zac Efron. I think they deserve the parts more than the two main characters because they are clearly more rehearsed and they actually show up on time to the audition. I don’t think it’s fair though that they have gotten to star in so many productions when there are lots of other kids who would like a chance.

Really Ms. Darbus, the drama teacher, is the evil one. For one thing she shouldn’t have fallen for Sharpay’s and Ryan’s plot to move the callbacks to during the basketball championships. Also she should be nicer to all the other kids who audition. She can still be nice even though they’re not good enough singers to be Disney channel stars. They’re having fun and they’re trying and I think they have good potential.

I think it’s dumb that high schoolers have to audition and try out for things. It shouldn’t matter if high school plays and musicals are literally the best they could be or that the sports teams are literally as competitive as they could be. The point should be letting high schoolers do things they enjoy. They are going to get the same audience whether they’re good or not.

The star of “High School Musical” should have been the composer kid who wrote the musical. That would have been a much better story.