Why I am Mostly Not a Sharent

Kristin Rowan

It seems like everyone I know who’s a parent posts lots of picture of their kiddo online. Maybe I just don’t notice the parents who don’t do that.

I didn’t take many pictures or post much on Facebook before having the kid, so really it would’ve been weird if I suddenly started posting lots of pictures of someone who is not me. I mostly use Facebook for keeping in touch with other comedians. I like comedians, but showing a bunch of them pictures of my baby seems about as weird as showing pictures of my baby to a bunch of random circus clowns.

Part of the problem is that my baby is super adorable. Every picture I take of him is adorable. He is the perfect baby. He puts all the other babies on the internet to shame, and I don’t want to make people jealous of him.

It feels like bragging to post about how awesome your kids are. People already know that I’m happily married. I’m hated enough as it is.

Maybe today’s kids will like that they’re all over the internet. I grew up in the era of AltaVista, so I can’t say for sure how I’d feel. I like pretty much all the pictures of me from when I was younger. Even the awkward ones are endearing in their own way.

But what if my kid is trans and I just don’t know that yet?

What if my kid doesn’t want to be associated with me? I would hope that doesn’t happen, but you never know.

I worry that parents are mostly doing it to get likes, which is not doing anything to benefit the kids. It’d suck to go viral from some dumb thing and have that be your only claim to fame ever.

I’m a bit hypocritical because I do enjoy seeing other people’s kids and hearing stories about them. Though I feel like I have to physically like any posts about people’s children, especially now that I’m a parent.

I tweet about him sometimes, but I try to keep the focus on parenting rather than specific things he’s doing. I’ve posted enough about him that the targeted ads are smart enough to show me training urinals shaped like cute animals, so I guess sharenting has its benefits.

Kristin Rowan

Written by

Comedian, stay-at-home mom, potato lover, writer

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