White South Africans are dying and Twitter is actively censoring it.
Tomás Allende Conte

“Lana Lokteff, Tara McCarthy, Brittany Pettibone, Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, Paul Ramzey, Baked Alaska, Rage after Storm”

These are people that want to kick non-whites out of the USA. They also believe that Holocaust is either a hoax or extremely segregated. That’s not to mention how they’re always encouraging people to to address the Jewish Question and blame all of the chaos and “degeneracy” on the Jews. Ironically, it’s Jared Taylor that’s the one guy you mentioned who disagrees with blaming everything on the Jews. As for the rest of your article, you are pretty accurate — I got friends living there, but most are leaving rural/farm areas and moving to the Western Cape and other places where whites are a majority as it’s a lot safer.

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