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For John Scanlan — Both Palestinians and Jews are semitic people from basically the same genetic pool. If you believe the Bible (not intended as proof) they are all descendants from the same person. So Arabs killing Jews or Jews killing Arabs isn’t genocide by your definition. The difference is religion. Also, historically, it has been the Arabs/Muslims that have done the killing. From the time of Mohammed to the present, Islam has lived by violence and conquest (ask Spaniards for example). Even in ’48 it was Arab countries that declared war and attacked Israel. In the wars with Israel since the Arabs attacked first except, if my memory is correct, in ’67, but even then Israel attacked after they learned of the impending Arab attack. There is no Israeli terrorist group organized to kill Arab civilians. There is no Israeli entity that has stated that the Israeli’s should be driven into the sea. There is no Israeli organization that attacks civilians with an average of 1500 rockets/year (Gaza). In fact, the only time I can think of in which Jews fired the first shots for the last several thousand years was in ’67. Conversely, the Jews have been attacked, persecuted and have had multiple countries try to exterminate them (Oh, genocide, using your words). Also, in the last 50 years can you think of any group of people that have perpetrated more violence than Muslims? Terrorist groups attack around the world, including other Muslims (Iran/Iraq war, the Nairobi bombing killed/wounded something like 3,000 Muslims, Saudi Arabia has been the object of attacks). The island paradise of Bali has had Islamic terrorist attacks, Thailand has Islamic terrorist attacks. The list just goes on an on. So, want to think the whole genocide thing over again?

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