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Parallels between Palestinians and American Indians? Except for the fact that Native Americans had been here for thousands of years and are a completely separate genetic group, than the people that arrived later. Except for the fact that there is no controversy over who originally held the land in the Americas. Connection to the land? Have you seen the difference in “the land” in Israel and the West Bank? Palestinians trash the land. Even in the old city of Jerusalem, look at the difference. The Arab/Muslim quarter is filthy. The Jewish quarter is spotless (and it isn’t because the Arabs there don’t have money). It should also not be ignored that prior to 1948, those “Palestinians” who “lost” their land to the Jews sold their land and were happy to walk away with the money. During the ’48 war, many Palestinians were told to leave or forced to leave by their Arab allies. The PLO originally wasn’t originated by “Palestinians” or run by “Palestinians. It was designed to be a terrorist tool by the Egyptians after the ’67 war when they realized that they couldn’t defeat Israel with conventional warfare. The PLO just used the “Palestinians” as a tool to try to obtain an Arab “super state” to be run by the President of Egypt. The Arabs in what is now Israel identified themselves with Syria which, by the way, wasn’t a country until after WW1. After the ’48 war Jordan controlled the West Bank until the ’67 war. So, unless the author is saying that the parallel is that Native Americans were oppressed and forced into a limited geographic area by other Native Americans, as the Arabs oppressed other Arabs in the West Bank, I’m not seeing a lot of parallels.

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