AUTHOREON — Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification in a decentralized network

Authoreon is decentralizing authorization, authentication, verification & certification and thus securing previously unsecure instances and functions. The Authoreon solutions prevent fraud, cyber attacks, material and immaterial identity theft, and they provide an all-over traceability to supply and ownership chains.

With cyber attacks, password breaches, identity theft and document fraud on the rise, it becomes very obvious that the current online safety measures are not sufficient. In addition we face increased national security concerns — often in conflict with privacy & data protection regulations, as well as major challenges in IOT security, copyright & intellectual property protection, and reputation management. Furthermore, increased quality awareness calls for a traceable product identity and history in the supply chain and ownership chain. The failure to secure data, to verify identity and to grant access only to authorized instances is causing billions of dollars in damage each year, while the most valuable asset at risk is trust. Authoreon is solving these problems by decentralizing authorization, authentication, verification and certification.


Authoreon is a decentralized network with two separate overlay protocols:


Authoreon is based on Ethereum, a public, open-source, censorship-resistant and innovative blockchain protocol and distributed computing platform, that provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine (the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)) enabling the execution of smart contracts


On top of the blockchain, we developed the synapse protocol, which is an independent application layer inspired by the human brain. It is designed to further the functionality, scalability, and performance of the Authoreon platform by enabling smart authorization contracts. It also keeps the blockchain light and fast by substituting the stored data — resulting in an increased performance, faster block processing times, as well as the ability to process more transactions in a single block.

Access Lock:

The access lock layer acts as the gate keeper, processing incoming requests to the synapse layer and granting temporary access if the requesting instance is authorized. For this purpose we developed the ²²-key-algorithm, providing one static key with a dynamic (temporary) key only if the other key is still valid by authorization and vice versa. Access is only granted to two dynamic keys. This mechanism replaces the traditional two-factor authentication enabling a wide range of potential applications.

The Autheon Token

Autheon tokens are used to access certain functionalities of the platform including registering a new asset, transferring an asset, and a variety of other authorization features. The Autheon Token does not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights. Received funds will aid in the final development of the platform, conducting pilot studies, and expenses related to bringing to market and maintaining. Autheon tokens are convenient, efficient and economical forms of payment for services provided on the Authoreon platforms and are not securities to be used for speculative trading purposes. There is no public market for the Autheon coin token and there is no guarantee on the future value of the Autheon coin token. The possibility exists that the Autheon coin token could be worth nothing.

Meet the team:

Token specifications and crowdsale:

Symbol: AUTH

Token Supply: 1 billion

Technology: ERC-20 Technology

Initial Coin Supply: 340.000.000

Public Allocation: 330.000.000

Hold Back Allocation: 330.000.000

ICO Value: 1 AUTH = ETH 0.00133333

Purchase methods accepted: ETH, BTC, Paypal

Tokensale opening date: 5 Aug 2017

Tokensale closing date: 14 Oct 2017

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