BitCAD — is a multipurpose smart platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. BitCAD users create reliable, trustworthy relationships between counterparties, thereby levelling out distrust, unreliability and unpredictability of business partners.

Platform’s mission lies in providing a venue for seamless integration of business and computer technology. BitCAD will help users to automate routine business processes, find business opportunities globally and locally, make instant value transactions and resolve disputes in atrustless environment.

Thanks to blockchain technology BitCAD eliminates financial and legal intermediaries and enables users to form more agile supply chains through smart contracts that automatically find, negotiate with and close deals with partners the world over.

“Each our new fantasy is a construction from other fantasies, ideas and accumulated experience (both acquired through direct interactions, and received through third-party intermediaries).” -

MAY 2017 — Testnet Launch

  • Biometric Authentication
  • Constructor of Smart-Contracts & DAO

AUGUST 2017 — Mainnet Launch

  • Dispute Resolution Department
  • Multistakeholder Model (self governance system for BitCAD)


  • Decentralized Trade Engine Tectum (application & API’s launch)
    OCTOBER 2017
  • Red BitCAD (The platform is ready to launch. Any person or company can start and
    develop business on the platform, accessing announced features, including reputation
  • Dark BitCAD (Platform’s integration within Darknet communities

Q1/Q2 2018

  • Smart Oracles
  • Next Blockchain Technology (experimental technology based on fractal math, machine Learning and quantum cryptography. Employs supercomputers for business-logic and Virtual business ecosystems modeling.

Currently more than 70% of bitcad tokens are already sold. For those of you who have not made a purchase you can still buy it right now. Ico bitcad is still running for 30 more days. So time is still long to buy. For those of you who are interested immediately buy bitcad tokens because the bonus will be thinning as long as ico will finish

You can follow the sales of BitCAD’s ico at

And more information about BitCAD you can read their white paper

The way to contact them:


My BitcoinTalk:;u=988093

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