DOVU — Crypto Currency For Mobility Ecosystem

DOVU forms a crypto model for the mobility ecosystem. Introducing transport-focused protocols to accelerate the development of mobility-related decentralization (dApps) applications, token tokens drive new business models in the transport sector. The creation of these dApps will be driven by data, therefore the DOVU API Marketplace will support the community further by simplifying the development of mobility data globally.

-Dovu Ecosystem-

The DOVU Platform consists of the following components, the DOVU Protocol (details data exchange and value attribution), DOV tokens (for in-platform payments) and DOVU API Marketplace (first dApp developed by DOVU). The DOVU protocol is open source and facilitates the development of dApps-related mobility. Based on Ethereal, the DOV token is used for transactions within this dApps.

The DOVU API Marketplace changed the global data monetization in the transport sector, simplifying access to transport related data and accelerating integration of multiple data points via the API. DOV tokens strengthen the quality of dApps-focused transport, such as the DOVU API Marketplace. Contributing to the quality of the ecosystem can give you a DOV Token, e.g. Add APIs, test APIs, or create tutorials. Similar to in-game currency, contributors are rewarded with tokens based on their input quality. It introduces self-reinforcing feedback loops and peers that constantly improve the quality of the ecosystem.


DOVU is well connected in the transport sector. In April 2017, DOVU received funding from InMotion Ventures, investment arm of Jaguar Land Rover, and Creative England, a fund supported by the British Government. Through its network of advisers, DOVU has access to relevant professional industry networks and has a good position to build lasting customer relationships.


The DOVU protocol empowers ‘data owners’ (individuals, organizations and even IoT devices — data sources) to control access to shared data, while receiving value from the future benefits of using the data in return — in the form of DOV Tokens.

‘Data providers’ (which create an API for reselling data) may specify an Intelligent Contract to determine the conditions of use and the level of reward they are willing to offer to the data owner, while the data owner retains control to cancel the contract, alter and revoke the Permission.

This is a paradigm shift from total acceptance of traditional requirements and privacy policies, granting permission for large organizations to use and resell data without the least, if any, control its use, and with little else or cancellation if misused.

The DOVU Protocol protocol, APIs and open source code will allow to leverage the power of Smart Contracts and Blockchain to control data in the hands of data owners. Simply benefit them for it, and thus encourage greater data sharing, while automatically reprimand or block if any breach of agreed terms.

Imagine the ability to be rewarded for sharing your travel data, with total control and insurmountable assurance about the data you want to share, and the type of organization you are willing to share with, when, how and so on. The DOVU Protocol offers it. This is similar to collecting reward points for your supermarket shopping, but on a much larger scale, with flexible controls and remuneration with a much larger utility — DOV tokens.

-Token DOV-

Token DOV is the only method of value exchange in the DOV ecosystem. A decentralized global ledger combined with a mark required to use the ledger aligns incentives and creates more intense product engagement. Blockchain uniquely rewards early adopters. The product becomes more useful as more and more users join and demand an increase in tokens, which as a result increases shareholder value for users. In other words, the utilization tokens and network effects continue to reinforce one that benefits early adopters.

Using a DOV token in your business has a number of advantages in creating your own token. Building a payment infrastructure is an unimportant task. Adopting existing payment structures lowers development costs and increases time to market. Utilizing a stable currency lowers adoption barriers for end users.

-Project Road Map-

DOVU is ready to realize its vision to the market. Development is on track to bring MVP to personal alpha for Q4 2017 with the intent to install and document a large number of APIs that are ready to launch.

-Details Of Token Sales-

Connecting blockchain to mobility, DOVU is developing the first circular economy for the mobility industry. Following our whitepaper release and overwhelming response from the community, we’re excited to announce more details about our token sale.


  • 24 August 2017: Whitepaper published
  • 4 September 2017, 17.00 UTC: Pre-sale live
  • 29 September 2017, 17.00 UTC: Pre-sale ends
  • 3 October 2017, 17.00 UTC: Token sale live
  • 17 October 2017, 17.00 UTC: Token sale closes

Token Sale

  • Total Token Supply: 1.2B
  • Token Sale Offering: 25%
    Lock-in period of 2 years for any unsold tokens.
  • Hard cap: Approx. 95520 ETH
    Exact amount will be confirmed per the 3rd of September, 17.00 UTC, 24 hours before the pre-sale starts, based on the average ETH price over a period of 30 days.
  • User Growth Fund: 35%
    Earned tokens, by contributing the quality of the ecosystem, will originate from this fund. DOV Tokens received as a reward can only be used within the DOVU ecosystem for value added services. Any unused DOV Tokens after 6 months will be sent back to the user growth fund which can then be used for new users.
  • Team: 15%
    Allocated to advisors, founders, and management to help build the team. Team members vest for tokens in four instalments of six months each.
  • Reserve: 25%
    Subject to a two-year lock-down period.


DOVU has reserved 0.5% DOV Tokens sold for the bounty program. All of these DOV tokens will be fully distributed among the DOVU bounty campaign participants. As the total amount of participants is unknown, the DOV token will be allocated, based on a predetermined amount for each bounty campaign.

How to participate in the presale?

  • The pre-sale is private. Because blockchain is a tool for free movement of value Americans will not be excluded from the token sale.
  • Only ETH will be accepted. You need to have a full Ethereum wallet, not a trading account. Do not send Ethereum transactions directly from cryptocurrency exchanges. You need a token-compatible Ethereum Wallet.
  • The minimum spend will be approximately 161 ETH. DOV — ETH rate will be announced per the 3rd of September, 17.00 UTC, 24 hours before the pre-sale starts, based on the average ETH price over a period of 30 days.
  • Go to to enquire about the whitelist.
  • Более подробная информация будет размещена на веб-сайте в начале следующей недели. Только доверяйте официальным каналам связи DOVU: Discord , Telegram , Facebook , Medium и Twitter
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