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No more fraud, no more payment delays, you can check every transaction on your own! Hunt.Bet is a high-potential decentralized e-sport project. It includes fabulously user-friendly and self-explanatory service for betting on the most popular e-sport disciplines: League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: GO, HearthStone, Overwatch, etc. HUNT.BET provides news, statistics, tournament broadcasting, communication with e-sport amateurs and professionals, gaming devices, lots of promotional activities and much much more!


Unpredictability and an ever-increasing dynamics are the key features of e-sport matches when compared to traditional physical sports.

According to the research of digital market carried out by Super DataResearch (data provided by the company), capital turnover reached $747 million. By the year of 2019 the growth is predicted to be as high as 150%, resulting in $1.2 billion. Year after year the winners’ pot is growing at an exponential rate, leading global brands are gradually getting engaged with cyber sport. In 2016 “Valencia” (Spain) and “Dynamo” (Russia) were the first football clubs to start cyber sport activities, yet they are not the only ones on the list. A number of betting offices is on the rise, regardless how obscure and sophisticated their business is. And yet their hidden income exceeds millions USD. This is exactly why we directed out attention to this very industry.

C y b e r s p o r t I n d u s t r y

Mass participation and accessibility

Cybersport, eventually becoming an official sport, is an inevitable result of internet development, computer games popularization and people’s inexhaustible desire for competition. The elder generation may find hard to understand why younger people enjoy it, meanwhile e-sport makes everyone equal regardless their age, as long as you take an impartial approach.

Visual appeal

Modern computer-game championships are no different from global football or hockey matches. Huge e-sport arenas are being built in big cities all around the world, just the same as stadiums. People coming to look at their favorite teams’ performance live or watch the tournament on-line are sport fans. This was proved by increasing popularity of services like Twitch. Each game is commented by a professional broadcaster in an specially equipped room, while analysts, with pundits among them, provide a comprehensive look into development of each match.

Big money and rewarding job

Being popular and giving a promising outlook, e-sport is attractive for investors-big share of money goes to players, thus turning a hobby into a well-paid job. No matter how captivating game may be, it needs a spur to get people’s support and further development. Developers spend a lot of money to organize championships. They are joined by sponsors — companies manufacturing computer accessories and other related things. Successful players turn into professionals who earn their living doing the things they like. Even nowadays winners’ pots already reach several million US dollars. For example, Dota 2 «The International 2016» tournament fund was 20 770 460 US dollars; the Intel Extreme Masters VIII fund was 696 000 US dollars.

Tournament games are broadcasted on-line on the internet, getting millions of viewers. For instance, according to data from, more than 4.6 million people watched the final competition of The International 2015.

Prize money

Funds for one of major tournaments of CS:GO, The ELEAGUE Major 2017, held in Atlanta on January 22–29, 2017 were as follows: 500 thousand USD for the 1st place; 150 thousand USD for the 2nd ; 70 thousand USD for 3rd-4th places места; 35 thousand USD for 5th-8th places and 8750 USD for 9th-16th places. The Main Event of The International 2017 will take place on 7–12 of August in Seattle (USA). The prize pool totals 23.1 million dollars already. Dota 2 The International 6 in 2016 breaks prize money record with over 20 000 000 US dollar prize pool, The Wings Gaming, Chinese team, hit the top and took over 9 500 000 USD. The prize pool for Dota 2 The International 5 in 2015 was more than 18 000 000 US dollar prize pool, American team Evil Geniuses won over 6 500 000 USD. In 2014, during Dota 2 The International 4, with its prize pool over 10 000 000 US dollar, Chinese team NewBee won over 5 000 000 USD. Where 1,6 million dollars were given by Valve company, the tournament organizer, and the rest were collected through optional purchasing Compendiums, game artefacts. In 2013 SK Telecom1 won around 1 000 000 USD at RiotGames’ tournament of League of Legends, 3rd season. The season prize pool was 2 050 000 dollars per season, divided for 14 teams. In 2013 during Dota 2 The International, where the prize pool amounted to 2 874 407 dollars, The Alliance team won 1 437 203 USD.

In 2012 Taipei Assasins won 1 000 000 USD at 2nd season of League of Legends. At that time the prize pool was 1 970 000 USD. In 2011 Na`Vi team won Dota 2 — The International. The team (5 people) got 1 000 000 USD. Previous large-scale competitions offered a prize pool up to 1 000 000 dollars or more. The winning cyber sport record belongs to Johnathan Wendel,also known by the gamertag «Fatal1ty». Winning the final competition of Painkiller in 2005 he got 150 000 USD. Salaries of Korean StarCraft-gamers go from 20 000 up to 600 000 dollars per year. Prize pools of large competitions are usually formed by investments from hardware, hardware peripherals and software related companies. Growth dynamics in this industry and increasing attention value are quite obvious, and that is just in a rather short time.

I C O s t r u c t u r e

ICO Stages

* WP 1ETH = $250


Funds allocation

HUNT.BET fund is an enterprise registered in Seychelles (“Aqua Commerce” Ltd), which will manage the collected funds. The name of the token is HT. Total number of tokens for sale: 15,000,000–62% of the total number of tokens (collected funds will be used for the implementation of HUNT.BET). Collected funds are divided like that: 35% — HUNT.BET development; 20% — General and Administrative; 20% — Sales and Marketing fund; 10% — Legal; 7.5% — MISC and reserves; 5% — Referral Program; 2.5% — Bounty.

  • Those who bought tokens during the 1st stage will receive a bonus at the 5th stage up to 50% of the number of bought HT tokens, but this num ber can not be higher than 50% of HT tokens bought in the 1st stage. Example: Someone bought 2500 HT in the 1st stage. Than bought 2 000 HT in the 5th stage and got 50% from these 2000 HT tokens (1000 HT is lower than a half of previously bought). Result: 2000+2500+1000=5500 HT



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