: Decentralized Professional Network

Indorse is a decentralized social media platform.

Indorse rewards social media users both for posting their writings,Or to provide such postings as others who are considered attractive. Your post can be a blog post, as well as video content.Empowered to be built using Blockhouse-based technology.More precisely uses fine decentralization, and WINGS This is a new way in the world of social media, especially its ability to blog and gain advantage in cryptocurrency-based systems. Users can get indorse coins (IND) The same way that is, just by posting, or voting.Indorse coins are distributed through awards given to posters, voters and miners at a pre-determined level. So very similar to Bitcoin and steemit there is a gift given to the miners.
If previously we know enough how to get cryptocurrency by mining or exploiting price fluctuations, but in indorse new users can get rewards. Inside indorse.

What is indorse

Indorse is a revolutionary platform that uses a new model of tokenisasi and decentralization to transform the form of professional social networking.In short, users can finally share in the profits made by the platform, because the data, and not the money that goes into the company that stores its data.

As parts with the Ehtereum blockchain based networks of professionas, user of entering with the field of colateral links of relation between members of different background of ideal preference, as having with the chance to work on release as delivering contain of goods with the different option of digital electronic papers on offers as following with the further of exchange as supported with the system as backed up with the crypto currency finance of economy to gives of wider as the disposition of offers to distribute personal goods of product or service while spread of news about the Ethereum and altcoins on use with the corelated partisan of service from the distro of Indorse.

As Claimant on customs with the preference, users might gives of offers as displaying personal returns of work as the professional competence, as improving the value on results with the mediation of channel with the personal arrange of manage as the distribution of digital good with the focus on objection.

And as the Moderator users to gives of offer with the chance on network connection of social media to spares of field with parts of layer as the point on focus of the deliverance to gains of returns with the manage as along to goes with the work as relaying message to public audience of users with the Indorse distro.

The algos on computation as qualifying use of incentives following the endorsement of aspects of indication to noticed with the token and scores as users to counts on finale as collecting and compounding the use as returns from the manage of examination. To earns from the personal direct of involvesment and more to collects from user with the interest to connects on relation as parts of the mutual colateration of milestones with the dedicated service of Indorse distro.

Indorse Team

David Moskowitz.Project Head (Founder)

Gaurang Torvekar.Project Technical Lead (Founder)

Dipesh Sukhani.Project Operations Manager

Avadhoot Kulkarni.Project Marketing Manager

Dave Appleton.Smart Contracts Developer

Harsh Nene.Senior Developer

Kedar Vaidya.Senior Developer

Brian Ip.Project Development Associate

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