InsureX is the first market-based blockchain to trade and manage insurance products.
Start crowdsale July 11th.

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Insurex-market created for the insurance sector, working on the basis of blockchain where insurers and re-insurers can connect and sell insurance products.

Currently, the processes in the insurance sector is very inefficient, expensive and error-prone. This is because a large amount of work is done by hand with a variety of intermediaries in addition to a large number of documents, which moves between the parties. Insurex solves these problems by providing a fast, reliable and direct way for market participants to conduct business together. Platform reliably support their processes from start to finish, and reducing their total cost.

InsureX was founded in London in 2017. The concept came from Ingemar Svensson, whose company worked with various insurance customers.
Shortly thereafter InsureX attracted reinsurance company in London, which has agreed to continue to study how this platform can improve the security, administration and cost.
InsureX plans to take a commission for transactions performed on the market, and the annual subscription for membership. With the growth of the community InsureX transaction volumes will increase, respectively, will be available to new products and services.

First InsureX market for insurers, reinsurers and brokers. Merge these participants is the main goal, which will lead to an efficient, economical and transparent markets

InsureX will have its token — IXT on Etherium platform and supported by all ETH wallets.

Name: IXT
entire volume: 130 million
at the ICO: 100 000 000
Reserve: 30,000,000

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