Mobile Security is a feature every user wants

Today millions of new smart devices include the most advanced state-of-the-art security standards. Every app and service provider should fully exploit the embedded protections delivered by the latest generation hardware. In today’s mobile market safety, whether that means protection of your identity, your data, your messaging, or your transactions, is on the list of top features that influence the consumer on their mobile phone choices.

There is a strong transition from security being an afterthought to security being built-in. Built in security delivers safer phones, a core desire for the consumer. Safety as a feature will influence buyers in their decisions and entice users to upgrade earlier. Built-in security technology provides consumers with a higher quality experience and better value in the services offered. Buyers of technology know that not every device is going to be the same and competition will drive the safety market. For years mobile users have upgraded for better resolution, improved camera functionality, significant memory upgrades, improved touch screens, greatly enhanced audio, and even new and improved case designs or colors. The time is now for consumers to upgrade for better safety.

It is time to take safety seriously

In years past mobile users have felt that safety and security, whether simple passcodes or more advance biometrics or multi-factor security protocols, slows down access. In enterprise level deployments of mobile technology, it is the oft annoying and cumbersome standards deployed by IT that make user experiences terrible and forces these users to look for shortcuts to bypass the process (and thus exposing that mobile access to the dreaded breach).
The latest generation of mobile technology will greatly improve the user experience and make daily life more manageable. Safety will be the new standard but not succumb the reluctant user to a series of dreaded steps that forces them to look for shortcuts. The technologies that will deliver this today include:

TEE (Trusted Execution Environment Embedded Technology)

TEE provides the tools for every app to have secure isolated execution of authentication, authorizations, encryption, and messaging. It prevents malware from stealing the keys that define the user’s identity. Latest generation mobile phones support Global Platform TEE, Trustonic, and/or other proprietary TEE environments. Rivetz is working to simplify developer’s integration of TEE and give users the information they need to make the right choices. TEE is at the heart of modernizing the safety in devices separating the really sensitive data and process from the flexibility and extendibility of the operating system. TEE provides the model for strong certification and validation of the safety that provides the users with the confidence the solutions achieve the protections they assure.

TUI (Trusted User Interface)

TUI provides embedded protection for the entry of a user PIN number to lock an identity key to a specific user. This technology prevents misuse of the user’s credentials in the event that a phone is either compromised, loaned out, or even stolen. TUI is available today on select Samsung phones and is on the product roadmap for many others handset providers. Smartphone buyers today should make this a requirement on their mobile features checklist. This is by far the best cyber identity solution readily available in a device today. Intel is supporting a similar feature in their Ultra-books but, in current form, has limited interfaces.
Secure Display is another feature of TUI that ensures what is displayed on the screen actually came from the app and is not compromised by malware. It assures that what you see on screen is the actual message/content that will be safely delivered. This is ideal for private messaging, payments, and identity management.

Rivetz works through the Trusted Execution Environment: a private hardware “vault” on your phone that is completely independent from the operating system. Inside of this vault, everything is isolated — so no apps or software or operating system can see what’s inside. This is where Rivetz works to securely manage your secrets, your passwords, keys, and other private information.

RvT Tokens power Rivetz: RvT works with the blockchain to cryptographically prove that the vault in your phone is secure, all the way from the manufacturer to your pocket. The RvT blockchain can perform a health check, verifying that your vault’s integrity is intact, and that transactions you send are exactly the ones you intended.

Rivets token represents a pivotal moment in history. For the first time devices can be enabled with tamper resistant hardware with attestation capabilities. This means that security can now be measured and delivered at the transaction level and at the authentication level. Assuring the devices that help us work and play every day can keep our secrets safe and assure the transactions are not altered.

The protection model with TEE

The TEE provides the protected application of policy that governs the use of a key or a RvT token. Once an RvT is passed to the TEE protected private keys it can only be transferred if the device owner’s instructions meet policy.

A global market for RvT tokensA global market for RvT tokens

The market for RvT Tokens is vast and would be utilized by both currently shipped devices and future security chip and device sales. Driven by global cybercrime, regulations and the mushrooming IoT market, there is a mandate for a better solution to security.


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