PayPie is creating the first decentralized accounting platform for businesses that will provide real-time insight into financial data to achieve 100% accuracy for a credit risk algorithm. This analysis will be conducted using a single ledger approach and will consider businesses’ all-time historical financial data to safeguard and transform the way credit risk is assessed by lenders, investors, banks and other financial institutions while building an entire blockchain-backed accounting ecosystem.

This paper gives an overview on how PayPie will enable live financial audit, end duplicate tasks, speed up credit approvals, and improve the overall credit scoring process by disrupting business accounting landscape.


The blockchain based single ledger accounting solution is going to open an abundance of opportunities for millions of businesses worldwide. PayPie offers a disruptive environment, which will be beneficial to the outdated accounting workflow & process. Participants in this marketplace can transact business in a highly efficient, secure and consistent manner with easy access to historical data and valuable market insight. The PayPie platform uses blockchain technology to streamline the process between SMEs and stakeholders interested in the financial health of the business. Not only does it provide a place to find and access easy lending, but a platform to manage the downstream processes related to accounting, finances, insurance premiums and audits.

PayPie platform is for participants of the lending & risk management & mitigation industry to get real-time credit risk analytics on a business and the core benefit to our users will be the ability to verify the full real-time financials of a company, which was not possible so far.

Some of the first opportunities found are

1. Insurers — Sell insurance products to businesses

2. Opening peer-to-peer lending opportunities to small businesses

3. Credit opportunities for banks, financial institutions, investors, invoice factoring companies

4. 3rd-party financial audit & review data, accounting firms, and Governments

Why PayPie

An outlook of the market opportunity

The Market

Risk score analysis is at the core of most major industries within the financial sector, such as financing, compliance, auditing, credit insurance, and review. The market is enormous and nearly all SMEs undergo through a risk score check at a given time.

The Challenge

Despite being vast, the risk score market for business is permeated with discrepancies and inconsistencies that create a challenge for the third parties vetting them. Fraud and data manipulation are between the main symptoms of that panorama.

The Solution

Enter PayPie. PayPie will bring the definitive answer to the unreliability of this fractured system with its unique risk algorithm. This algorithm is based on blockchain triple-entry accounting, which guarantees that the risk score is accurate and fraud-proof.


PayPie is the definitive decentralized accounting platform for reliable risk score analysis.

The opportunities generated for the financial market are endless. From unbiased data to credible investments, from reliable risk score checks to encrypted security, an array of new possibilities will be introduced.


Blockchain Technology

PayPie is powered by Ethereum blockchain to create a decentralized public ledger that guarantees the authenticity of all past, present and future transactions on the platform.

Triple-Entry Accounting

The platform will provide a new single ledger on the blockchain to create a solution that cryptographically seal all accounting entries and overcome shortcomings of the double-entry accounting.

Risk Score Algorithm

As PayPie’s powertrain, the algorithm feeds reliable financial data from businesses and third party applications to marketplace players through the blockchain.


PayPie’s marketplace is designed to facilitate fraud-proof opportunities.

One of the core parts of PayPie is its marketplace, which is a comprehensive space for SMEs, buyers, lenders, and investors to offer and find financial opportunities secured by PayPie’s unique risk score algorithm.


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