Scoin — salt coin

Salt Coin

We are glad to tell you that the cryptocurrency fund “Salt Coin” releases a token provided real goods — I will merge.
Salt highly liquid goods, and recently demand for him grows more and more, more and more salt is used in the industry and in our everyday life, in this regard price of salt grows. Now you had had an opportunity to participate in ICO and to get Scoin.

preSale date: August, 7 2017
preICO date: August, 23 2017
ICO date: September, 24 2017

Name: Salt coin (Scoin)

Initial token price: 2.9 USD, but it is better to buy in ETH (1 ETH=75 Scoin.)


preSale: X2
preICO: X1,5
100% of money back on demand

from 1 token to 10k — X1
from 10k1 tokens to 100k — X1.1
from 100k1 tokens to 1000k — X1.2
from 1000k1 tokens to 10000k — X1.3
more then 10000k tokens — X1.35

Target attraction: $73 million

100% of return of means according to the first requirement.

And the token can be got on the website (payment of BTC, ETH, USD, EUR)

Scoin will be released on the Ethereum platform. Each token will be provided to солью$. Also gives the chance to become the co-owner of large production company. And we promise 10 and more than a % per annum of profitability on each token, by payment of dividentny profitability since we invest in stocks of the company. That’s your guarantee profitability.

About us:

The cryptocurrency fund investing in development of the Belbazhsky field of rock salt and production of vacuum evaporated salt.
We have stocks in 2 500 million tons., the license for subsurface use till 2030. The planned output of the plant is 600 million tons. in a year.

Why the project is attractive now?

Salt is eaten already long ago. And recently consumption of salt grows quicker and quicker, and it means:

  1. The growing market
    One of factors of the growing market — growth of chemical industry
  2. Import substitution potential in Russia. Leaving from the market of the large supplier of salt from Ukraine Artemsol
  3. Logistic advantage — proximity to sales markets, the CFD, the Volga region
  4. High production efficiency — we apply the latest technologies and we can compete with other enterprises as we build new manufacturing enterprise at once, often it isn’t simple to competitors to pass to the new equipment. Expensively to update it
  5. Extent of cleaning of 99,7% allows to leave in a highly profitable segment of pharmakopeyny salt, a chemical and food prom-ta
  6. Only one competitor in east part of EEU

Where the Belbazhsky field is located:

Proximity to key sales market — one of the main competitive advantages of the Project
† the Belbazhsky field — one of the fields of rock salt, largest in the country, is opened in 1973
† the Field is located near the village Belbazh (Koverninsky district, the Nizhny Novgorod Region)
† One of the main competitive advantages of the Belbazhsky field is its direct proximity to:

• to the largest retail markets of food Russian Federation salt (Central and Volga Federal District)
• to the largest enterprises
food industry
• to the enterprises of chemical industry (producers of chlorine and the caustic soda)

Where the funds received on ICO will be allocated:

  1. Purchase of a share of the PJSC Sol Rusi company. We have concluded the agreement with the company on purchase of 32% of stocks of the company.

Why it is better to invest in ETH?

We have drafted the smart contract which allows to automate all processing of the application for purchase of tokens. I.e. as soon as you have paid our tokens, you at once receive Scoin on the purse. It allows to perform transparent all operations and gives guarantees that we won’t take away your money. 1 ETH=75 Scoin.

Scientific and technical council:

Malyshev Yury Nikolaevich –
• Academician of RAS
• President of the State geological museum of V.I. Vernadsky President of Academy of mountain sciences

Aksenov Evgeny Mikhaylovich –

• Director of Central Research and Development Institute of nonmetallic minerals (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Tsniigeolnerud)
• Honored geologist of the Russian Federation
• Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences

Farrakhov Evgeny Gatovich -

• Honored geologist of Russia Candidate of Technical Sciences
• First vice-president of the Russian geological society Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Mashkovtsev Grigory Anatolyevich –

• Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences
• CEO of the All-Russian Research Institute of mineral raw materials of N.M. Fedorovsky (VIMS)

Kolomiyets Alexey Markovic –

• Doctor of Engineering Honored geologist of Russia Winner of the award Mingeo of the USSR Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
• Member of Presidium of the Supreme Mountain Council of Volga federal district

Pleskunov Igor Vladimirovich –

• The chief representative of IMC Montan in Republic of Belarus
• Head of the mountain IMC Montan projects

The largest consultants of the company:

IMC Montana
Rostec state corporation
National rating agency
Financial examination
Ruskhlor association

The biggest perspective customers:

LLC Rusvinali
LLC HaloPolymer
JSC Khimprom
X5 Retail Group
Spetsmash Group


Bitcointalk Profile link:;u=988093

ETH Address:0xA1601dca437De4525442dcEC421580cCD94c5AD2

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