World’s First Mobile Data Exchange DENT Seeks to Disrupt Telco Market with Blockchain

19th June, Hong Kong: DENT Wireless Limited has announced its intent to disrupt the world’s telco market by creating the first Mobile Data Exchange. DENT plans to liberate mobile data by enabling anyone to buy, sell and donate mobile data through the Ethereum blockchain using a new universal currency for data markets, the DENT Token.

Liberating mobile data and disrupting the telco market
“The DENT Exchange liberates mobile data by allowing users to buy, sell or donate data on-demand. The world’s first global marketplace for mobile data, with fully transparent and dynamic pricing, is about to unlock the full potential of global data usage, thus benefitting users and telcos alike” says Tero Katajainen, CEO and Founder of DENT Wireless.

Backed by DOVECOT co-founder
“DENT builds a community of telco customers like a “union” to leverage the collective buying power to drive change. For a telco, each customer is highly valuable — in fact worth a global average of $460. Combining just 2 million customers represents $920 million, which no company can ignore” says Mikko Linnamäki, co-founder of DENT Wireless. Mikko is also co-founder of DOVECOT Oy, the company behind DOVECOT, the world‘s most popular IMAP server with a world market share of 72% and over 4 million installs.

Mobile data is big business, yet needs to be changed to unlock the full potential
Global mobile data revenues in a single month are $32 billion, according to Parks Associates [1]. However, data is sold in silos per operator, and usually in fixed denominations. So either the user uses too little and loses the remainder at the end of the billing cycle (typically a month), or they use too much and then have to pay excess charges. As an example, if just 15% of data sold goes unused, a whopping value of $4.8 billion is virtually forfeit.

“Roam like a local” for international data usage

Using mobile data internationally is great — in principle. However, charges are unpredictable for the user and up to 100x or more expensive than at home. Part of the reason are legacies, such that data traffic is routed from the visited country back home before being terminated to the internet. We aim to leverage “local break-out” similar to Wi-Fi hotspots today, to increase efficiencies and lower costs for the users to domestic levels.

Introducing the DENT Exchange
DENT will be the global exchange for mobile data where — when fully scaled up — the world’s mobile data is sold, bought or donated, just like other commodities such as currencies are traded today. DENT will make data pricing transparent, and through automated bidding increases the efficiency of purchase, just like spot markets and digital advertising today.

DENT Tokens will be the global currency for trading mobile data via the Ethereum blockchain. Data and DENT Tokens are smart contracts within the blockchain, and therefore automate the financial process and connect together users and telcos globally. The decentralized nature of Ethereum means that the DENT Exchange is a global platform right from the start.

DENT Presale opens 26. June 2017 2PM GMT+ 1 (London Time)

Register here to get access to the Presale info page now:

Your E-Mail address:

Estimated token value in ETH offered in this token sale: 152,000 ETH,
(subject to variations thru the crowdsale)

100 Billion (100,000,000,000) total tokens created, of which 70% will be sold in the token sale (minimum of 35% will be reserved to purchasers with smaller budgets)

Exchange Rate: 1ETH = 400,000 DENT*

Token Type: TokenType: Apps token to purchase and sell mobile data packages

30% remains at the Company for user incentives and salaries

  • The Company will pledge 1 Billion, or 1% of the DENT Tokens to the
    UN SDG program for the purpose of enabling mobile data access in developing countries

Ethereum ERC20 token

ETH is accepted in this token sale.

No tokens will ever be added to the supply.

* The conversion rate ETH/ DENT will change during the crowdsale due to the bonus discounts.
This price is without any discounts

Timeline for the DENT Token Sale

There are 4 milestones in the DENT Token sale:

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