The myth of the ‘cool tech girl’
Sarah Stockdale

Absolutely agree with all of this. On two interviews in particular I was asked to drink beer and play foozball/ping pong and eat barbecue with the other (all male) developers after the technical portion. They both gave me offers, citing a great “personality fit” and “how much the team really liked me.”

Yes, I also answered all the technical questions with flying colors, but the extra “are you cool?” test was a little weird. I worked at startups for a long time, but realized that I feel a lot more comfortable at larger companies.

The “are they someone I want to have a beer with?” test in particular filters out women who might be pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to get pregnant. It filters out people who might have religious prohibitions against drinking, those recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction, or those who just choose not to drink for personal reasons. And let’s be honest, attractive women will always do better in the “beer test” than unattractive women.

Everyone wants the hot cool girl who doesn’t judge. The girl who drinks hop-your-face-off craft beer with 6% ABV — nevermind the fact that she might have two thirds of the average male blood volume and her 6% ABV is your 9% ABV. Mothers, muslims, and recovering alcoholics are just a bad “personality fit.”

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