Or maybe, if they are into beer and ping pong, and you are not, they are simply not the right…
Björn Günzel

I never implied that all men like beer or that there are no women alcoholics. In fact, I think I tried to imply the opposite.

The problem with filtering candidates based on things like “shared hobbies” and “personality/culture fit” is that, yes, from a certain perspective (especially the perspective of an employer), it seems harmless. Who doesn’t want to work with a cool person who shares their interests!? But when actually practiced it ranges from harmful to illegal. You cannot choose co-workers like you choose your friends.

If you routinely pass on employees who are technically more competent than the ones you hire AND this hiring practice shows any sort of bias against protected groups you’re making yourself an easy target for a lawsuit. It doesn’t matter how important “office ping pong breaks” are.

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