Why Are You Voting For Hillary, My People?

Yesterday, while canvassing, I ran into two men who were doing yard work. They weren’t on my list, but I stopped to talk to them anyway because I’m a bug a boo. This man told me that he was voting for Hillary Clinton so of course, I had to ask him why. He had no solid reason so I began my pitch. I brought up the Clinton’s Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, mass incarceration, the corporate sale of the prison industry along with the fact that Private Prison Lobbyists Are Raising Cash for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He then told me (with tears in his eyes) that his brother was murdered last year while in prison for a first offense cannabis charge. Then he said “Well, the Clinton’s apologized for the crime bill.” After he told me that they apologized, I asked him permission to speak bluntly. I asked him … “Does an apology bring back a life, does an apology open cell doors and give people an opportunity to regain their lives? Can an apology help those who have been convicted of petty crimes get assistance with food or housing? The answer is NO. To me, an apology doesn’t mean $H!T. It doesn’t solve the problem, it distracts sheeple into believing that the sound of remorse in an election season is not for political gain and that it is sincere.” Please MY PEOPLE LET’S NOT FALL FOR THE HIDEOUS POLITICS OF THESE PROFESSIONAL SNAKES. LET’S NOT INSULT OURSELVES BY SAYING BILL CLINTON WAS THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT. WHY ARE WE SO CONFUSED? I LOVE YOU ALL FFS PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR THIS NONSENSE. It breaks my heart.