My Application to represent Emanate in Nigeria and Africa at large

Klyn Akwarandu
Jul 2 · 3 min read

Music is basically part of my DNA, and even though I didn't grow up in a very musical family nor did I have musical influences as a kid; with the exception of my obsession to look and dance like MJ, I found a way to marry me to music.

From my early years in high-school; starting from my acapella group till my college years when I joined my first rock band, it’s been music all the way.

My love for music has enabled me to access the very intricate parts as it concerns the fundamentals of music. Not only do I just love and enjoy music, but over the years, I have developed skills necessary to ensure that if it only depended on me to keep music alive, I will do a fantastic job.


I play a lot of instruments; piano, drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, samba, etc.

I also write, compose, arrange and produce music, this particular skill got me an opportunity to participate in the first ever reality TV show in Africa for songwriters, it held in Nigeria and I finished in 3rd place because my votes weren’t the highest :(. The songs can be found on I-tunes, Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, etc … just search for klynic.

I recently acquired a degree in Music Business from the prestigious Berklee College of Music

Why I’m the Man for the Job

Having finished my course in Music Business, it became more obvious to me how much the existing systems in the world today have failed in keeping their promises to musicians all around the world. Now I’m referring to countries which already have functional PRO’s(Performance Rights Organizations), that are tasked with ensuring royalties are collected paid as at when due.

In Nigeria, we do have a Copyright body that should of necessity protect the rights of music creators, but we are light years from getting it right, and this doesn’t in any way mean that the creatives over here should stop working. If Nigeria, which has the biggest bank of African Music Celebrities has it this bad, then it would be no surprise at all that Africa, in general, suffers a fate that is much worse.

The recent Reality Tv show I was a part of, opened up a door through which I can access some of the best musicians in the industry, both discovered and undiscovered. This means it would be a whole lot easier getting them onboard to Emanate since it answers most of their secretly desired needs to be heard and paid. Soon as this is achieved and spreading around the country, reaching out to other African countries would be easier, Nigeria shares a border with most of them and a lot of collaborations between inter-state artists have been going on in the last couple of years.

Statistics have shown that at least 100 new songs are released for free download and streaming every week in Nigeria. Most of these musicians just want to be heard, so they promote their songs as their lives depend on it, hoping that by some miracle a major record label picks interest in them and the money begins to roll in… we all know how that story eventually always ends.

Emanate will give them the opportunity to do all they have always done, only this time they will be rewarded.

Application for the 100,000EMT Loan

I would love to apply for the 100,000EMT loan. I currently hold a little over 5000EMT and it wouldn’t be enough to do my job efficiently seeing as I need to have and hold at least 100,000EMT to be able to be considered for the position.


I will be very honored to serve in the capacity of an Emanate rep and I am willing to work with other reps both African and internationally to ensure that I tell Emanate’s story to every ear that understands music.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

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