DC Entry #1

Dear reader : please forgive my stream of consciousness style of writing as I attempt to get my thoughts out there. — Thanks

This week I understand that we are supposed to dissect our goal, the process of discovering this goal and explore our 5 w’s (who,what, when, where, why) as they pertain to our goal.

I’ll start with the process

I struggled with mapping out my goal, my influences and generally trying to map out myself. Reflecting on my journey is frustrating when I think about the other paths I could have taken, even if I ultimately ended up in the right place. While sorting through my initial “Who” category I found myself moving items over to “What” which was an interesting exercise in and of itself. I’ve spent a lot of time defining myself by my studies, my job and my activities and not all these things make me who I am. Finding the points that truly define me, what I know and what I find impactful made my goal jump out at me a bit more than expected.

The Goal:

I’ve defined my goal as: Find a position where I can help shape how people experience health care services. This is still vague. I know that and I can hear you all reading this and thinking “what does that mean”. I define my goal this way because I’m not sure what the difference I can make is going to look like. I’m not harbouring the key to accessibility, the answer to end of life care or anything like that. I have witnessed and listened to friends and family confront items and services that are meant to make their lives easier, but are so out of touch with how they take these things in and see my experience as a researcher and ethnographer as a way to communicate these barriers. There are people out there who have the potential to create amazing things and just need a little help to make sure it’s the right thing.

I went into this course knowing my goal was ultimately to find a new job where I can explore human-centred design but the process of working through our goals last week helped me narrow this down and really define healthcare as a place where I want to make an impact.

I’m still sorting through my 5 w’s for this. I find it hard to explore a timeline to fill in the when category. How do I define structured goals for finding a new position? I do realize I need to tighten my story, or my pitch in order to get my message and my skill set out there and more accessible to the people I’m talking to. That is a big what for me, as is building my network and finding places that fit with my goal. I’m going to take some more time this evening to reflect on 5 w’s but decided that I needed to throw my thoughts out into the medium universe.


We talked a lot about context in our opening session. It was interesting to hear everyone’s take on it and I’d never attempted to really visualize concept before. I see context as a culmination of your environment. The historical, economic, temporal, geographic and demographic umbrellas you fall under shape the way you see the world, experience things and interact with those around you. Your context is multifaceted and puts blinders on what you see and how things affect you. I liked the example of frame of reference we talked about, it is your perspective or lens and mediated by the cultural forces that act on you. To view things outside of your view point I think you first have to acknowledge where you stand and recognize that people view and experience the world in a different way.

At least that’s my view!

Sorry for the lack of visuals. See you tomorrow!