Kanye Has a Point
Andrew Watts

His self-indulgence in delusions of grandeur really have no defense. He has not accomplished all that he thinks he has. Unless he’s bringing peace to the world and improving the quality of the impoverished, he has nothing to offer with his $53 million. Spin it however you want, but if Kanye has to tell everyone how great he is while no one else offers him that distinction, it just shows how pathetic he is. Being popular does not equal any importance of legacy. As loud as he screams it, his celebrity doesn’t mean the world owes him a damn thing and it certainly doesn’t mean that everyone graced by his presence needs to taking him seriously. Even if he did SFTU and became “humble”, it wouldn’t change his importance to society, which is still quite negligible. He is clearly not sane and his raging narcissism almost makes him dangerous. It’s not his ego that defeats him, it’s his seemingly untreated personality disorders that do the most damage.

also: “San Fran”

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