Mainstream very scared of Trump.
Dee May

Yeah, that’s a bunch of garbage opinion and you’re accepting it as fact.

If you really want to know what “Fake” information is, you should really read 1984.

If an event happens, its newsworthiness is not determined by you. If the event didn’t happen but someone reported it as happening, that’s called lying.

Lying is intentionally not stating the truth. People that lie cannot be trusted and are generally regarded as having either a profound mental illness or severe character flaws.

Kellyanne Conway has been caught in several consecutive lies. Trump and his administration lie constantly. In fact, the few honest people in the mainstream press are the only ones standing between you and a very disturbed group of individuals who want to shut down the free press and enact an authoritarian rule over information.

If you have no regard for the truth, if you are so blinded by the opinions of others that you will ignore the truth, then you have no regard for liberty. What happened to you? When in your life did you start believing lies and not thinking for yourself? Do you truly understand fact from fiction? Are you even aware of reality?

It is against the law for public officials to lie to the people and the government. This should mean something to you. Are you a patriot? Are you loyal to the American Constitution or dishonest people in government who abuse their office and power?

So go ahead and make snarky claims about media bias, it doesn’t matter. It’s your responsibility to learn the truth and know actual facts. If you don’t know how to think critically and face reality, who are you helping? Yourself?

Do you even know why you believe the things you do? Do you even know why you’re angry?

Facts will always unmask the fiction. I hope you learn to see that.

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