The irony of Bernie Bots (or trolls) is this:
Oliver Chinyere

Hi! I was a Sanders delegate. And I knew he wouldn’t win the primary. I wanted my party back. I grew up listening to my grandparents talking about the Great Depression. I live in PA. I have always liked Sanders. As far as who I voted for in the primary, it was Hillary Clinton. Who did I volunteer for after the primary, Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton campaign was the worst run campaign I’ve ever been involved with. There was no management, paid campaign workers were calling me for advice. I did my best, I had volunteered for Obama in ’12.

With her polling at less than double digits in a swing state, the campaign wouldn’t give the many volunteers a sign, unless they volunteered for three hours. When I mentioned this sounds like “pay to play”…*crickets*.

The campaign only phoned solid Dems, one/our Clinton paid campaigner never updated VAN, so the same people were getting calls three times a week.

It was a circle jerk. No one listened to the people. BTW, Sanders did everything possible to get her elected. Yes he did. He also worked hard for McGinty.

My precinct went from 34% to 25% Democratic. That’s not Bernie bro, that’s people changing their registration, mostly to republican.

Sanders never sold out, any ex berners out there can shove it. Sanders voted with Dems over his political career over 95% of the time.

Where I live, there were hardly any volunteers that were hard core HRC supporters. Posting on Facebook and tweeting isn’t volunteering.

Sanders took care of his delegates, not with warm words and a pointing finger wink wink. He made sure we got to the convention. There are so many things I could tell you people. But, right now we have a major problem. How about you start paying attention to what’s going on right now, get over this emotional hate. I now understand the phrase “get over yourself”. So thanks for that.

Please tell me who is perfect, I really want to know. BTW, anyone that thinks President Obama saved us from pipelines, he temporarily got us out of ND, and in the same week he OK’d two more pipelines. So when Obama re-introduces himself as the head of any movement. I’m tired. I’m taking a cue from the moderates, I’m taking a break.