On “Virtuous Pedophiles”, Transparency, & Credibility

I' m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Thank you for your reasonable concern about the content of his writing.

Sexual abuse is about control. Rape is about control.

Sexual child abuse is rape. Rape.

I’ve seen some tweets about this on twitter. Not acting on it? What do you call speech? I’m a fairly strong person, when I see that they feel victimized by not being able to speak out, my first reaction is that it’s the beginning of an ‘act.’

I believe that talking about it is a thinly veiled act in itself. It seems to be a way of opening a door on a discussion. An enjoyable discussion for them. Remember pedos like to share stories, pictures, and victims. A discussion that I and others will not put up with in any kind of civilized manner. Will the next steps to these public expressions turn to support? Will there be ‘slip -ups’, try to turn this into an addiction?

This poorly written response is coming from a grown woman who is feeling the terror of a three year old. I’m not ready to share my story in a public forum. I am ready to say no. No, to all non-acting pedophiles who want to be understood.

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