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One of the buildings in my neighborhood set to be destroyed

I have always had a fascination with the urban environment — perhaps because I grew up in a very remote area where there were more cows than people — so it seemed only natural that I would combine this with design and technology for my thesis. This quarter was an extension of my research into digital placemaking and saw me creating prototypes that I inserted into my neighborhood to gauge how others felt about the changes they and I were seeing.

How I Arrived Here

I have always vaguely known my how: I wanted to create a playful digital interaction for the urban environment that allowed residents to perceive, participate, and/or critique their neighborhood with the digital devices available to them. In the previous quarter, I explored how placemaking is an important approach to designing public spaces that focus on a local community’s assets that promote happiness, economic boost, or the well-being of residents who use the space. Digital placemaking uses these same principles, but allows the digital space to affect the physical space. …

Kelsey Aschenbeck

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