Audi or Doritos?

The exposition is the Audi Prom ad is a boy going to prom without a date and you can tell he’s not very excited about it. The rising action in the ad is when the boys dad tosses him the keys to the Audi and tells him to have fun time. More rising action is when the product is first shown, the boy turns on the Audi and the engine revs and the mood of the ad instantly changes from sad to empowered. Then when he arrives at school and he parks in the principles parking spot showing that he’s getting bolder. He then walks into prom and goes straight to the prom queen and kisses her then the prom king chases after him and the scene cuts out. One can argue that the climax is when he kisses the girl or one can argue that the climax was when the scene cuts out. Because the next scene is the boy leaving prom speeding away in his dads Audi with a black eye but smiling and screaming with excitement, which is the falling action. The resolution is the last scene of the ad when the words “Bravery. It’s what defines us.” appears on the screen. Audi (2013)

The exposition of the Doritos ad is a goat that is being sold by its owner because he eats too many Doritos and looks like he hurt is owner. The rising action is when a new man buys the coat. In the next scenes the goat and his new owners eat Doritos together. More rising action is when the man laying in bed and the goat has bags of Doritos next him and the words “156 bags later” appear on the screen. The man is lying in his bed and the only noise is the goat chewing the chips and you can tell the man is starting to lose his patience with the Dorito eating goat. The climax is the scene when the goat goes to the kitchen the next day and all of the Doritos are gone and the goat shrieks. The falling action is when the goat starts to break things in the house because he is so mad. The goat then goes and busts down the door where the man is. He is painting a sign that says Goat 4 Sale and the room is filled with Dorito bags. The resolution of the scene is when the goat finds the owner and enters the room closing the door behind him. The man clearly looks frightened of the goat. The last scene is a black screen with the Dorito logo. The overall mood of this commercial is humor. Doritos (2013)

Both of these had very strong narratives. The storyline of each were very clear and easy to understand. I think the Audi commercial is more catching to the audience because it was empowering to watch. The goat commercial is humor and tells a story but the Audi commercial is more realistic and keeps the views wondering what will happen next. However because the Dorito ad is more humorous then the Audi ad I think it will be shared more.