Student Poverty #HCCENG101

I find it really inspiring that teachers now a days keep extra shoes, underwear, socks, shirts and pants in their desk drawers. Teachers who care that much about their students are good for the kids, it shows them that even if things aren’t okay at home that school is a safe place for them. Kids coming from a family living in poverty tend to stay in poverty, they don’t focus on school and they learn to adapt the way their parents have, living paycheck to paycheck. But when you have teachers who come in prepared daily to not only teach the kids, but to help and guide them and to make sure they look up to someone who will make them want to become better and strive for more. It just proves that teachers are everyday heroes.

We all know that the majority of public school students live in poverty, and I believe that it is up to the teachers to make sure they are engaged in school. Majority of students in poverty don’t further their education, some don’t even get a diploma. But these students can learn at high levels, teachers just need to show them a way to make school a fun educational place to be. Teacher just can’t assume every student has internet or books at home, so when giving an assignment that involves the internet the teacher should bring them to the lab during class instead of assigning the project for homework. Once students realizes that someone cares and wants them to succeed they start doing better and understanding the importance of education and how they can fight their way out of poverty and do well for themselves. That is exactly what every teacher should want to see. Students may end up with bad teachers but the ones that put more than one hundred percent into their classroom and students are shaping and bettering the future of education.