Why to read books: 5 reasons why you should read books on regular basis.

Well, I read books everyday before i go to sleep. My friendship with books started few months back. There is a big library in my college where I rarely went. But now I go so often that the librarian also know my taste on books. After reading more than a dozen of books I realized the importance of these little friends in my life. I also write reviews of the books I have read on my Facebook page “https://www.facebook.com/mani.manish.75" as well as on goodreads.com.

Here are my reasons of reading books:

  1. Gives exposure to new things: When you read books on different genre, you come to know so many new things. Like, when I read book on Gautam Buddha I understood that there is no greater wealth in the world than the peace of mind.
  2. Experts act as your personal Advisers: How wonderful it would be if Bill Gates could personally teach you how to get rich! Wouldn’t it be great if Warren Buffet could personally teach you where to invest your money? Yes, they can do it… through their books. These great people teach a lot through their books.
  3. It improves your verbal ability: The more you read the more you learn. It may not make you excellent communicator but you will surely learn to express yourself more efficiently.
  4. It improves your imagination: When you read books you focus for long duration of time and your brain creates images of whatever you are reading. The more time your brain works the sharper you become.
  5. Entertainment: Books are a great source of entertainment. Some books are more thriller than movies. Love described in a book can never be shown in a movie. Many famous and blockbuster movies are based on novels.