Modern Day Love Story

It’s taken some time to write about this story, just because it was still fresh when it was in the process of being written. But just like any love story, there are beginnings. It all began with a walk in a coffee shop. A story told here and there. A friendship blossoming. A couple texts back and forth. A car ride home. A church visit together. A family visit. Fights in between, and choosing that person again. A lot of many firsts. But also knowing I won’t love the same way again.

Though we cared for one another, we never got to express our intentions in the beginning. Though we fought, we never communicated our needs. Though he gave up, I never saw the warning signs of why he chose to give up. 
I cracked. I moved across the other side of the world. I started an adventure for myself. I got a bikini wax. I went surfing for the first time. I ate meat for the first time in 3 months, and ate my vegan diet away. I ate and have gained 5 lbs. I started going to the gym four times a week. I went to take acting lessons. I landed a job at one of the top media corporations in the nation. I’ve loved every single moment and have not looked back since. And I still have more adventures to look forward to.

Self-love is so important. They don’t teach it in school enough, and why it’s so important in life. Loving yourself despite the downfalls and knowing resilience in bouncing back after being knocked down. Betrayal is a part of the risk of being in relationships. You can either be bitter for the rest of your life, or you can take it as a learning experience to better yourself. In my case, I chose the latter and I’m glad I did. I chose the latter and I became a more loving, understanding person. I also realized how incredibly impatient I am, and I’m continuing to work on myself both personally and professionally.

I’ll be back in June to the States though to reclaim my strength and come back stronger than ever before.

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