Take the WTF out of IoT

On a mission to shift the focus of the IoT from the tech to the customer experience.

I’d like to change the conversation about the Internet of Things. I see a crowded IoT technology landscape and I think the human is getting lost in the sea of tech. IoT is not about the INTERNET or the THINGS. It exists to solve problems PEOPLE encounter in their daily lives. IoT exists to unlock new solutions to problems people never knew they had.

My hope is for businesses everywhere to create better, more engaging digital experiences for all of us to use.

I am part of an IoT Task Force at my company that is on a mission to educate businesses and equip them with information about the reality of the IoT we have gained from both our IoT project work and our work keeping up with the IoT landscape. We are 250+ relentless pursuers of change passionate about technology but even more passionate about technology that eliminates pain, is delightful to use, and makes life better. We’ve built IoT solutions for some of the world’s leading companies. We are coupling the knowledge we’ve gained through real experience plus our connections in the IoT space to keep our clients and the broader business community up to speed.

We are on a mission to shift the focus of the IoT from the tech to the customer experience (CX).

Here are the two most common questions we hear from the Fortune 500 regarding IoT:

  1. Why does IoT matter to my business and where should we start?
  2. We’ve built a concept, proven the value, now we need to take it to production and scale it. How do we do that?

In emerging tech it’s tough to make big bets. And you shouldn’t. The landscape is evolving, consolidating, some players disappearing. Maybe it’s time to move on your connected product or process. Maybe it’s not. But either way you should have the information you need to make decisions.

I hope you think of us when you are ready move but until then we hope you can benefit from the ones that have gone before you. We’ll share what we know if you help us spread the good word and change the conversation about IoT from tech to the human. We’ve built connected experiences for some of the world’s leading companies and now it’s time to share what we know. We’re coupling the knowledge we’ve gained through real experiences, plus our connections in the IoT industry, and sharing our comprehensive guide to delivering IoT solutions from inception to launch.

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I’d love for this post to start a broader industry-wide discussion about the impact of emerging tech on existing businesses. I’d love to speak on it at conferences, events, workshops, etc. Please get in touch with me if you have something to say, or want me to say more. Thanks for reading.