Backlog of Analog Notes

Hoo boy… I’m almost caught up on documenting my process from the last couple weeks. This should be the last one! Just a short update of some handwritten notes I’ve taken related to recent work.

First up is my notes on comments made about our presentation.

Most people noted that our slide progression would have been more effective if we had talked about our research methods earlier. The other common theme was the text-heavy later slides.

We did try to address these concerns in the final submission, though there wasn’t quite enough time to really dig in to some of the meatier considerations like further developing the relationship aspect of our demographic. As we move into project 3, I hope to explore these ideas more fully.

I also did some simple sketches of iterations for the vertical layout in project 2.

I tried to modularize the information into blocks (that’s the software engineer instinct kicking in), and from there I played with different groupings of information. From the previous exercises, I had started to reach some consistent text formatting decisions, so this particular work was focused on the balance and flow of the layout.

All that said, this was still a far more rushed process than I would have liked. I felt like trying to add more color variety and images would have been too overwhelming to consider in the time I had. As I start to add color and images, I suspect this work will no longer be relevant, but it was definitely useful for helping me get over the fear of the blank page that I started this project with.

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