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There was a time when, to buy a product, a consumer had to drive to the store, find it, wait in line to pay for it and then drive back home. That time has passed.

Now, our world is digitally centric and incredibly fast-paced. Consumers are spending hours upon hours online every day, where they’re able to see a product online and purchase it within seconds. This means that a large majority of purchases are now leaving brick and mortar locations and shifting to e-commerce platforms.

According to a SAS report, 94% of all consumers use at least one form of social networking. Through social media, companies can seamlessly drive social media users directly to their site with engaging, thoughtfully planned out content. …

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From Jeffery Erhunse at Unsplash

Gen Z is likely the most influential age group within retail right now. A recent report from Boston Consulting Group and Snapchat took a more in-depth look at the shifted buying behaviors from the young generation. With an expected 70% increase in spending over the next five years and a significant influence on their parents’ purchasing, this group of consumers will control the future of staple brands and startup companies alike.

The messages that retailers put out, the purchasing options they provide, and the care they show for their community will determine which brands skyrocket and which are left in the dust to hang with Blockbuster and Sports Authority. …

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We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling through the LinkedIn jobs tab and find your dream internship. You meet the qualifications, it pays well, and its in the perfect location. You go to click “Apply” and, in a moment of defeat, are met with the soul-crushing: “752 applicants.”

How are you supposed to distinguish yourself when you’re competing against hundreds of applicants with the same dream you have?

Network, Network, Network.

So much of building a career in today’s workforce is connecting with people who’ve already gotten there.

Where can you find people to connect with?


This is probably the easiest and most utilized place to find connections. Simply search for a position you’d like to hold in the future, say, “Marketing Campaigns Manager at Google”, find who currently holds that position, and connect with them. If you don’t know exactly what type of position you’re looking for, just search for a professional area, such as “marketing” or a company, “Google”. …


Kaila Mathis

senior at Villanova pursuing a degree in marketing and communications

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