A non-sexist version of the Google memo

What Conservatives and many Independents Read:

Issue 1: gender diversity in tech

1) Personality differences between genders, on average, are well documented by scientists. Whether these are genetic or socially constructed is irrelevant to this proposal.

2) These differences imply some ways of making tech more welcoming to women that will benefit men and women alike. (include Paternity Leave & cite Lean In)

3) These ways of closing the gender gap have fewer downsides than existing programs, but we have not yet tried any of these approaches to know the benefits.

4) Therefore, we should try them, compare costs and benefits to the existing programs, and do what’s most effective.

Issue 2: Ideological diversity in tech

5) Ideological diversity (as defined by the lists of liberal and conservative values) is beneficial to Google.

6) It’s difficult and risky to talk about gender diversity as a conservative, at Google and in general, because you are likely to get called a ‘sexist’, which has a very high cost.

7) We should track and foster ideological diversity, personality differences, and other types of diversity, in addition to gender and race.

8 ) We should promote psychological safety so that conservatives feel free to share ideas.

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