Here we are, the first day of the New Year. We’ve all been here before and we know that we have goals, plans and an agenda to carryout. The plan is to start now , today, to make these things come to life and that’s a great thing. The question is how do you plan on reaching all of your goals or plans this year? Do you have them written out or will you wing it and hope for the best? Considering that I’m in the same boat as the average person meaning that I am still learning myself how to get this thing right , I have come to a few conclusions that could help.

For one thing pace yourself. Just know that things will not happen overnight so do not get discouraged if you are not seeing instant results. Results take time so work at a pace. Don’t be the person (no knock on them because I’ve done it ) that goes to the gym 20 days straight and then stops and don't go back for months. Going that hard sounds good in theory but again pace yourself, don’t be afraid to give yourself breaks from whatever you are working towards but don't lose sight of the final goal either.

Speaking of pace, stay consistent! When you don't pace yourself its going to be very hard to be consistent . Chances are you will have bigger gaps in the days you are working on your goals than you will want to have. Set a calendar, with times that you think you have to work on whatever you are working on. Try to stick it as much as possible and if you fall off a few times, just make it up when possible. Whatever you do don’t just flat out stop for long lengths of time, that's when you start to feel defeated because you can never keep the momentum going. Believe me I know.

Lastly set goals that are attainable. What I mean by that is I know anything is possible and there is nothing wrong with setting big goals, but small victories are just as important as well. Don’t be afraid to set smaller goals first if that will help you . Its up to you, just make sure you do whats comfortable for what you are trying to achieve. As you start to meet you smaller goals level up to bigger ones. Getting the positive momentum going is the most important thing first so focus from that point of view.

Well I just want to reach out to you all and give some insight and hopefully some pointers for this New Year, now lets go out here and get going!!

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