Fly Fishing and Weed

DISCLAIMER: This is no way intended to advocate for the manufacture, importation, distribution or use of marijuana for recreational use. The content here is designed to be used in the context of a scenario planning exercise to generate innovative and creative dialogue.

The marijuana industry still struggles with regulation and disclaimers especially in regards to THC level disclosure and labeling. Although a group of students have come up with an idea for the industry to attempt self-regulation thru the use of a mere App. For more information check out their article:


Fishing without marijuana is like fishing without beers!!

Southern Colorado rivers like the Dolores, San Miguel, Gunnison, and Uncompahgre are prime flying fishing areas after the snow melts. Last year, along these rivers in former mining towns the marijuana industry began to blossom. Two important things to keep in mind: 1) Not all potshops in Colorado are licensed to sell recreational marijuana. Many retailers that you pass on the street are still medical marijuana outlets, where you’ll need a card in order to buy. 2) You can’t just light-up anywhere you please. Know the rules, and also use common sense and discretion.

Not surprisingly, several websites and apps have sprung up since showing where to purchase legal marijuana in or near trout towns. On, plug in your destination, and peruse shop options from Denver to Telluride, Pueblo, Durango, and all along the Front Range. If you’re more of an app-user, download “weedmaps” on your smartphone.

When you decide to fly fish and smoke weed can the size of the fish appear bigger than it actually is? Would appropriate regulation of the THC level in your weed have an impact to ensure what you see is what you get? Self regulation thru the use of an app developed by NPS students would ensure the fish on the line is not exaggerated?

What do you think?

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