Serving Is Always An Option

Kimberly M. Cooley
Jul 11, 2017 · 1 min read

Not everyone notices or acknowledges just how important is one’s need to serve another. The truth is that both parties are rewarded in very different ways. The servant completes a heart action required to fulfilled the soul, and he who is being served is comforted in the idea that they are not alone on life’s journey.

But what happens when service is rejected, unacknowledged, or undervalued? It’s clear you are where you are supposed to be, but you just can’t get through? Me? I first pray for additional guidance. Then I pray for more opportunities to serve. Why? Because serving others, particularly those whose paths have divinely crossed with mine, is one of my greatest responsibilities in this lifetime, therefore I will serve and give love by any means necessary. Don’t stop. Never stop.



Kimberly M. Cooley

Written by

Digital Influencer, Marketing and PR Consultant, Christ Follower, All Around Geek. Ole Miss Rebel. Thoughts are mine. RPs aren't endorsements unless stated.

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