My battle in building ‘UnHybrid’

That was October XX, I was simply scrolling tweets and found a tweet very interesting, a tweet from GitHub mentioning about their Game Jam “GameOFF 2k18”. The word Game is very special to me. A flashback crossed my thought process.

When I was in 8th grade I dreamt of doing wonders with coding and computers, which I never achieved though. The usual boy’s fire made me even to break into my dad’s desktop CPU case to know what is happening inside where I left with the all green objects which I never understood. I started to search on the internet to know as many different things I encountered in my life, few were inapprehensible, few were interesting and few were very annoying. There started a new life in coding in my school where I was introduced to the Java programming language. As usual, I never let any question go off my sight. I asked my teacher all possible doubts to perfect my concepts.

When I was in 10th grade my own computer applications teacher told me about “GameJamTitans - annual game development competition for people just like me” Again the same boy’s fire, I got super excited and started off to learn game development with Unity game engine even before the competition was announced. This is how I have been introduced to game development.

“I thought just knowing to make games would make me successful in any competition as I think making a game is only and itself the biggest challenge for me to take up”

But I am wrong with the above statement. Success needs a lot!! It needs a great idea, a broad look over the impact of the game on the society and the ease to play it. Unfortunately, I lost the contest where I have no regrets for it. I learned a lot more than just making a game. But the most hurting part during my game development journey was a promise to my parents that I would win the contest which I could not achieve. Though I know my mistake never got another chance to rectify it.

Two years passed ….

Again I found myself battling with Unity to make UnHybrid - a Hyper-casual game made for GameOFF2018 challenge by GitHub hosted by the portal. This time we spent five days without touching my laptop just to draft a perfect idea and other game plans on paper. After complete finalization, We went on to implement the game on Unity along with my friend Dinesh. We faced many challenges during the development period.


We had many bugs to fix on Unity editor and even on the C# scripts while testing which took a lot of effort than building the game itself. We thank Git and GitHub for helping us in collaborating on the project and felt really awesome in making our game open source. The version control system from Gitwas really helpful. The biggest challenge was to create a leaderboard for our game. The leaderboard is what makes our game complete and enjoyable as it is a hyper-casual to play. We used PHP( and MySQL (MySQL Avocado) to handle our user's data such as usernames and high scores. Integrating Unity with the PHP script was really easy and felt thankful for WWW class and WWWform from unity documentation. Another challenge was to store data. Obviously, you say ‘cloud’. But did not wanted to pay so searched a little time and found 000WebHostapp service which is completely free. We felt thankful and dumped our database there. Our game was almost complete and Dinesh has created the art and logo of the game too which were really awesome!

The start screen of the game
Leader Board implementation

I thank one of our reviewers (Sygmei )who gave very valuable advice for the game which I didn’t notice at all. The ball (Player) moves as per the frame rate (FPS) of the computer used which is a really bad idea when you play it on multiple platforms. We have a couple of solutions to solve this. Either locking the frame rate or using Delta time for the movement of the ball.

Our contributions on GitHub

GitHub contributions

Future plan on UnHybrid

We want to make a few big improvements in the game. Taking consideration of our reviewers on the portal. We want to put this game on Google Developers Play Store. We want to improve our database management using the efficient methods to sort and display huge data on Leader Board. Our game is completely open source so your contributions are very valuable to us. Here is the link to the repo

Want to try UnHybrid

Here it is 😃