Who/what powers TEZEX Bridge and how you can participate

TEZEX Bridge is a non-custodial cross-chain token bridge for Tezos, that runs on the basis of atomic swaps through a double-sided marketplace. At first, TEZEX Bridge will enable swaps to/from the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 tokens), to the Tezos blockchain (FA-1.2, FA-2.0)

The first pairing available is USD Coin (USDC) to USDtez (USDtz). More pairings will be added over time, including USDT to USDtz, ETH to ETHtz, and WBTC to BTCtz). There is no limit to the number and types of token pairings that can be added to TEZEX Bridge.

The website will be: https://bridge.tezex.io

So how does it work?

There are 3 pieces to TEZEX…

Decentralized on-chain lending/borrowing for Tezos DeFi

Tezos Finance (aka ‘Tezfin’)—launching early-2021—is the first decentralized on-chain lending platform (conceptually akin to Compound or Aave) that will operate on Tezos blockchain.

[I first wrote the prelude to this a year ago in an article titled On-Chain Lending — with Tezos. Since then, evolutions of some concepts have been made for implementations on Tezfin, while other aspects are being saved for future iterations of Tezfin.]

Tezfin enables lending and borrowing of fungible Tezos crypto-assets, including tez (XTZ) and Tezos-based tokens built to the FA token standards. Unlike other Automated Interest Rate Maker protocols — that is, those on other…

A historical first — wrapping ETH on Tezos as a Tezos FA token

With the launch of a new token, ETHtez (ETHtz), we hereby confidently and audaciously proclaim the beginning of a path that will lead to the erosion of Ethereum’s dominance in the DeFi space. We profess that the Tezos token standard ‘FA’ will supplant the Ethereum token standard ‘ERC’ for major DeFi assets and that even Ethereum’s own native currency, Ether (ETH), will increasingly be traded by proxy through this Tezos-based token.

The ETHtz contract launch was first announced on Twitter:

We believe that the predominantly (as of the date of this article) Ethereum-based DeFi trading market will move to…

Buy/Sell USDtez to Tezos bakeries that are also enrolled minters

Whereas most asset trading is done in secondary markets (including exchanges like Dexter and Quipuswap), assets generally begin in their respective primary markets. From there, liquidity providers supply the liquidity pools of secondary markets.

For USDtez (USDtz/USDTZ) the primary market is by default, the place where USDtz tokens are minted; the USDtz minting portal. It’s at this juncture where the collateral is deposited so that USDtz can be minted. Likewise, it’s also where USDtz can be deposited and burnt so that the underlying collateral can be withdrawn.

Only enrolled minters of USDtz can operate the minting portal. Minters may enroll…

Passive income rewards from supplying Dexter and Quipuswap

[UPDATE: Dexter has launched since this article was published.]

The Tezos ecosystem will soon have Uniswap-like DEXs, also known as Automated Market Makers (AMMs). Namely, Dexter by camlCase will launch soon, followed by Quipuswap from Madfish.

When Dexter launches, many will rush to Add Liquidity to Dexter liquidity pools. That is, supplying a 50/50 balance amount of a unique pairing tradeable on the exchange side of the platform.

How does it work?

For example, a person could supply the XTZ/USDTZ pairing with $10,000 worth of XTZ and $10,000 of USDTZ.

Liquidity pools adhere to 50/50 supply ratio:The user wants to supply $10,000 of…

Armanino to provide audit reports over USDtz collateral holdings

USD Tez (USDtz) went live on Tezos mainnet, May 7th 2020, becoming the first USD-pegged stablecoin on Tezos. USDtz is one of the first tokens to utilize the Tezos community token standard “FA” (analogous to the ERC token standards on Ethereum).

Decentralized auditing already exists for USDtz users. USD Tez maintains stability to the USD dollar by collateralizing with, and making USDtz tokens redeemable in, existing USD collateralized stablecoins (currently the FDIC insured USDC token issued on the Ethereum blockchain). Because all of the USDtz collateral is already tokenized, any USDtz user has the ability to see the number of…

Last month, the first USD-pegged stablecoin on Tezos launched!

From now on there will be regular update articles on the USDtez project and the USDtz (USDTZ) token.


The Tezos community has grown a lot since I announced and began writing about USDtz in the Summer of 2019, and so has the USD Tez project. I’ll cover the major updates and follow that with a roadmap of what’s coming for USDtz.


The USDtz smart-contract launched on May 4th, 2020. Thanks in great part to the incredible work of our partners at Cryptonomic, who not only wrote the smart-contract but the first wallet interaction features as well, participants have been able…

For qualifying Minters of USD Tez (USDtz) | Tezos Stablecoin

How easy is it to mint USDtz?


  • Tezos FA-1.2 compatible wallet. You can see a list of these wallets here: https://usdtz.com/minting.html
  • Ethereum wallet (not from an exchange). You can see a list of these wallets here https://www.centre.io/usdc#wallets
  • Some amount of USDC in your Ethereum wallet. (How much? The minimum collateral deposit is $100, but you may deposit as much USDC as you need for the amount of USDtz you would like to mint; a 1:1 basis)


1. Minting Portal Registration

Go to https://mint.usdtz.com and register your email and password.

2. Login and Provide Information

Follow the on-screen steps and provide the requested information to show that…

Bringing decentralized oracle networks to an entire ecosystem of TzFi dApps and Tezos stablecoins

Following the announcement that Chainlink oracles are coming to the Tezos ecosystem, Chainlink and The USD Tez Project announce a strategic collaboration to help support a large collection of DeFi instruments on Tezos. Chainlink’s secure and reliable oracles will be integrated into the USD Tez (USDtz) smart-contract, along with an entire network of Tezos stablecoins, all built on the Tezos community-supported FA token standard.

Chainlink and USD Tez (USDtz) Announce Tezos DeFi Strategic Collaboration

Chainlink oracles will provide the reserve with reliable market data on the price of XTZ/USD and USD/XTZ, as well as the prices of other future StableTez (Tezos Stablecoin) assets. Chainlink’s Price Reference Data Contract model provides…

USD Tez (USDtz) Tezos Stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar is now live on Tezos mainnet.

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