“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help them build theirs”.- Tony Gaskin

Ever since I was kid I always thought of myself as a boundless DREAMER, always thought it was kind of my superpower. I thought that while I could dream I would have the best reasons and motivations to create something out of myself, felt I had goals and a perception of who I wanted to become someday. Today, I am 26 and still consider myself pretty young to be talking about life and professional experiences and probably even life lessons, yet I know one thing that I can finally cross of my list I TOOK A CHANCE IN LIFE.

I was 22 when I graduated from college decided to look for the perfect job and a reasonable salary for a starter. After two years of working in a considerable and important Communication Company I realized there were two kinds of professional satisfactions. There is the one of getting your salary each month and completing your work for a small, medium or big company that you are hired in, or there is the one where you decide to be your own boss, find and pursue that personal goal that we all have of becoming something greater, of actually giving us a chance to succeed with our own ideas. That is when I realized I didn’t really fit in the first scenario; I worked pretty hard more hours than I was told to, completed more work than what I was actually given and always recognized for it and I had a great relationship with my co-workers, actually there wasn’t any problem. Sometimes though, even when everything just seems to be working out fine for us we find ourselves ready for a change, ready for a challenge.

I found myself one day talking to a friend at a coffee shop we were both dreaming of running our own business, and then after probably the third sip of our coffees we knew what just had happened, we both found a partner, we both found a dream. We had something in common we were ready to take it all to the next level, probably risk what we both had in the moment one of the most “sacred” comfort zones of all, stability.

After months of planning and being so excited with what we already called “OUR COMPANY” it all began to get together and finally we thought it was time, time to make it happen. Yes, this meant quitting our current jobs, investing all our savings, including giving our parents the news that we were going to give this a shot. Like most parents would, mine freaked, they were worried whether this was actually a good idea, whether it would work and if it would actually help my professional career. I didn’t expect less from their concern I also thought I was taking a huge risk, however they believed in me and that was enough to show me that I could do it. Then came one of the talks that I was trying to avoid, it was time to talk to my boss, as I walked to her office all I kept thinking was “this is it your quitting your job, there is no turning back.” I walked into her office and there she was like if she knew what I was going to tell her, I sat down and she said “you are leaving me aren’t you?” I couldn’t answer, I had been avoiding this moment for months thinking of what a shock this would be but it was like she already knew I was going, and before I could even respond she said ¨Pursue your dreams, pursue your goals, let your entrepreneur side blossom and make me proud.¨All I heard from that sentence was ¨entrepreneur¨ such a fancy word, a word that we all want on our resume, and there it was I was becoming one.

It is almost two years since we launched it; I can’t say it was easy to start and won’t say what every book tells you or in some cases what you want to hear, ¨dreams do come true,¨ ¨living the dream.¨ It wasn’t easy, no more eight hours of sleep at night probably if lucky four, no more excitement of getting your paycheck by the end of the month, first it came to pay the rest, forget about weekends specially the first months those are the days that you will work the hardest, forget about saving money for that Europe trip you were planning on going next year, it takes time to earn back your investment and every penny will be invested in your business.

But here is something that no one tells you, it is not about making it all a “dream”, or making it seem like it is the best decision you can make just to turn it into a psychological and personal satisfaction, it is about all the things that were hard at first, about not sleeping at all because your work hours extend to twenty-four rather than eight, about learning how to become a manager and probably even going through a month or more without getting a paycheck or investing all your savings just to see your business grow. It is about learning to go through all the stress and nerve-racking moments to make you who you want to become as a successful entrepreneur. Because being one is not only about the “title” it is about learning to become one, it is about making mistakes, finding solutions, presenting creative strategies, standing out from our competition and then after all those long days, sometimes even days where we are so close to giving up and now after two years I can finally say that, those moments are the ones that made my dream of an entrepreneur emerge.

So don’t be afraid to become your own boss just because you might fail. Remember that no important company started being #1 in the market and no entrepreneur knew what they were getting into. Steve Jobs once said, “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” So be it, all ideas are just ideas if you don’t work them, and every success will be for everyone else if you don’t learn to risk, to fall at times and learn to get up, but most important to value every moment in this transition not only the ones when we succeed, but also the hard ones because those are the ones who took you to where you are now.

Karla Melgarejo Ibañez.-

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