You are a cruel and narcissistic shell of a human.
Jonathan Daniel Brown

How lovely for you. I sincerely hope you enjoy your political purity when the Trump administration guts the Affordable Care Act (intended to be done by the end of this month), slashes Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and cuts food stamps again, rolls back any programs that President Obama put in place, including the extended student loan repayment program, and extended health insurance for young adults. I hope you enjoy your politically pure ideology when the incoming president creates his racial profiling lists. I hope your political purity keeps you well-fed when President Trump rolls back any and all initiatives designed to address climate change, leading to a great die off of all of the fish living in all of our oceans. I hope your politically pure ideology keeps you dry as climate change causes the oceans to rise several more feet, covering more and more of the world’s shores in water.

And since you are male, you clearly don’t need to worry about the continued onslaught on women’s rights and reproductive freedom. How fortunate for you.

So bully for you. Good job, young man! Enjoy your politically pure ideology that you used to ensure that Trump was elected president.

And don’t blame me when the world burns. I voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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