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I’m Tired Of Hearing You Complain

You complain, I complain, we all complain for spoon-feed opportunity.

I’m tired of hearing you complain, for more time, for more money. I’m tired of hearing you say, “If only…”

If only you had more friends, more confidence, a bigger community, more time to study, less anxiety…if only you had better opportunities, you could become XYZ.

You complain, I complain, we all complain for spoon-feed opportunity.

In recent years I have made a slight observation about myself and the people around me:

We complain. A LOT. But it’s rare that we really try and do something about it.

How many times have you complained about your situation without trying to put in the work to change the circumstance? How many times have you complained about your weight only to sit on the couch gorging hot cheetos while watching re-runs of Friends?

Want to know the secret to losing weight?
It’s healthy eating and exercise.

It’s a simple concept, but when you’re coming home from a long day of work, when you’re craving that weekly bubble tea, the concept doesn’t seem so simple anymore.

I used to sympathize with people who complain, but these days I just roll my eyes. Stop telling me you want to start a Youtube Channel, learn photography, become a writer, a pianist, if you aren’t willing to put in the work.

Stop telling me you don’t have time before even looking at your schedule. If you really want what you say you want get up earlier to workout, practice editing photos instead of watching Netflix, and pack your lunch instead of eating out with your co-workers.

Because like I said in my last article (Read: So You’re Thinking About Quitting), people need to stop being infatuated with the result, but to learn to fall hopelessly in-love with the process.

The people who quit and the people who complain are very similar, they only want results when it’s easy. The only difference between people who complain and people who quit is they actually tried.

I suck at a lot of things. To name a few: running, video editing, photography, writing, and school. Most of the times I’m the slowest runner in the pack, my Youtube Channel only has 18 subscribers, and I’ve failed a course before.

There are many people who are better than me and I am fully aware that I suck. I am aware that people laugh at me and think I’m embarrassing. But I rather suck, than not try at all.

While everyone is out there looking for ‘bird courses’, I am not afraid to take one of the hardest courses in a subject I’m not even majoring in because I rather dedicate my time and money to learn something useful and fail than to waste my time doing bird crap assignments.

The next time you’re thinking about complaining, shut-up and do something about it.

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