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The State of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (“SVG”) is as an untainted Island Archipelago in The Eastern Caribbean Sea made up somewhere in the range of 18 islands referred to verifiably as The Windward Islands.

A previous British settlement, SVG picked up freedom from the British in 1979 yet holds all the key mark attributes regular to most ex British provinces ie English is the main dialect, it brags an English arrangement of Law/Justice and it has held the Westminster arrangement of government (Britain’s ruler Queen Elisabeth is the head of state, spoke to locally by a Governor General).

While the key mainstay of the Economy remains tourism (SVG is a prominent stop-off point for voyage ships) Financial Services is a key giver alongside horticulture (basically banana cultivating). SVG is likewise a mainstream and developing International managing an account focus with an authentic sense of duty regarding saving protection.

The accompanying is a synopsis and brief outline of the statutory, legitimate and business condition in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) in connection to International Business Companies (IBC’s).

Kment Alexandra’s Offshore Companies international is a cutting edge International Corporate Services firm — owned and staffed by experienced members of the Legal, Financial, Business, Education and Science Professions — who have resolved to fill a gap in the web-based market by providing quality focussed Offshore Company, International Trust and Private Foundation formation solutions (at a value for money price).


1. To provide you with the Corporate structure most likely to protect your ownership privacy having regard to your personal circumstances; and

2. To provide you with after sales service that is so consistently good that you will want to remain a customer for life (& recommend your family and friends to us regularly).


Our owners, having been in the professional corporate services business for a long time, have seen a dramatic shift in the balance of power as between consumer and merchant,particularly of late. The days of building a business to satisfy the owner’s needs are dead. Successful business in the present era is all about listening to what the customer wants and then building a product (and a way of delivering that product) that consistently delivers to the customer exactly what he or she is looking for.

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